Red winemaking

Red winemaking 

Grape selection

At Saint-Marc Winery, we believe that the quality of our wines starts in the vineyards, which is why we have been actively supporting our wine-growers for many years. Throughout the year, the vineyards are monitored for growth stages and possible diseases, while advice is given to the cooperative members on various topics such as tillage, treatment of vine diseases, etc. The focus is on developing a sustainable, environment-friendly agriculture. 

One month before the harvest, all parcels are controlled and assigned to the production of red or rosé wine according to their characteristics. We also vinify four wine estates, meticulously selected by us.


The art of winemaking

We harvest our grapes with red potential for about three weeks. Our main grape varieties are Grenache, Syrah and Carignan. We determine a plot’s optimal harvest date according to several factors: grape variety, terroir, grape’s sweet and sour balance, and colour.

Our red wines are mainly produced following the traditional method: the grapes are put in a tank for a 10-day fermentation process. We then proceed to maceration under cap, with a vatting process of up to three weeks. This is the only winemaking method used in the wine estates.

We also use the thermovinification method, where the grapes are heated and then pressed, and the harvested juices ferment in "liquid form".

Thanks to these two winemaking methods, our wines have an amazing variety of flavours and aromas. Our various vintages are all elaborated following these steps.



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