Anniversaire : histoire et savoir faire

 It’s our anniversary! Rediscover our history, expertise and products

Our History:

Saint-Marc Winery is more than an institution—it has been the beating heart of the village for 90 years. It was in 1928 that 110 co-operators decided to join forces for better and for worse. For better, especially! They decided to act together and today over 200 co-operators share the same values of solidarity, fairness, transparency and joint responsibility. Saint-Marc Winery came together so that winemakers could support each other and defend everyone’s joint interests. Set at the foot of Mont Ventoux in a gorgeous terroir, the winery is still there, and has been for nine decades already.

The land chosen to build the winery was near the Saint Marc oratory, hence its name to this day. The winemakers had decided against buying cheaper land on the road to Malaucène, which was much more difficult to access, especially for the then horse-pulled harvest carriages. So, since the vineyard was located in the lower part of the village, they went for what is now the current site. 

Timeline of key events:

- 1927: Charles Falques is in charge of gathering would-be co-operators

- 1928: The winery is founded and wins the first gold medal at the Concours général de Paris

- 1937: First extension to the winery

- 1956: Second extension to the winery

- 1969: New storage vats are added; an administrative office and a boardroom are created

- 1974: The first bottles of "Le Clocher” vintage are released

- 1978: The iconic "Saint Marc" vintage is launched

- 1991: The store is modernised and extended

- 2002: The storage area and ageing cellars are built

- 2013: The winery is certified to ISO 22000 standards

Our Expertise: 

Grape Selection

Convinced that the quality of its wines starts in the vineyard, Saint-Marc Winery has supported its winemakers for many years through a carefully implemented approach. Throughout the year, the vineyards are monitored (for vegetative advance and signs of disease), and the co-operators are advised on various topics such as tillage, treatment of vine diseases, etc. The main idea is to develop sustainable winegrowing that respects the environment. 

One month prior to the harvest, all plots are controlled and assigned to the production of red or rosé wine according to their characteristics. We also vinify four wine estates, which were carefully selected for the quality of their vineyards.


Our grapes with red potential are harvested for about three weeks. Our main grape varieties are Grenache, Syrah and Carignan. We determine the best harvest date of a plot based on several factors: grape variety, terroir, sugar-acid balance of the berry, and colour.

We mostly vinify our red wines using the traditional method: the grapes are put in vats, where they ferment for ten days. We then proceed to maceration under a skin cap, with a total vatting time of up to three weeks. The estates are vinified using this method exclusively.

We also use the thermovinification method, where the grapes are heated, pressed, and the harvested juices ferment in a "liquid phase".

These two methods allow us to obtain a great variety of aromatic and taste profiles. From these, we elaborate our various vintages.



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