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Experience and innovation at Saint-Marc

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The story of Saint-Marc Winery

The story of the Saint-Marc vineyards began in 1928 with a somewhat crazy idea: about a hundred wine-growers from Caromb decided to set up a cooperative winery where all would be united for better and for worse. Saint-Marc Winery has since become an institution supporting the livelihood of 300 wine-growing families, and is now looking to the future, focusing on "accessible luxury", where each bottle showcases the excellence and diversity of the terroir Carombais at an attractive price.

New challenges!

With the development of the digital economy we are now able to offer a great many new services to our customers. They can now access our information platform and browse through cooking recipes by renowned regional chefs or by friends. They can order the best Ventoux wines online and get them shipped anywhere in France at a single price using express delivery and without any actual restriction on quantity. 

Consumers who do not wish to order wine over the Internet can order and pay by phone in one go for a shorter processing time. 

Quality, traceability and consumer safety

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Masters of wine quality... from A to Z!

At the Saint-Marc vineyards, we make sure we master every single stage of the production and winemaking for you to enjoy high quality wines.

From a stringent selection of the grapes and hillsides, to the management of small plots and limited vintages—proving that exceptional wines can be produced even by a cooperative of winemakers—to hard technical work in the cellar for more accessible wines... It all stems from the desire to give you perfect, highly characteristic wines that meet your expectations—ready to drink or to keep. All winemaking and packaging activities are certified by AFNOR under the ISO 22 000 standard.

Production of our Ventoux wines

Thorough working methods

Saint-Marc is one of the first producers of the AOC Ventoux in terms of volume. The cooperative pioneered rational pest management within the Ventoux appellation and owes its success to the expertise of its 300 winemakers. They produce high quality grapes, the essence of our precious nectar.

The wine-growers’ meticulous work and their respect for the terroir are rewarded by the rich array of aromas of the Ventoux Saint-Marc wines. These wines are the product of the bountiful Provençal nature and the winemakers’ hard work. Today our Provençal wines are renowned all over the world. Each plot is carefully monitored with a single purpose: consistent quality.

Protecting the environment

Saint-Marc Winery is also constantly striving to preserve the environment and as early as 1994 invested in a treatment plant for its own effluents, for the best possible management of all its discharges.


While preserving traditional methods, Saint-Marc is also turning to modern technology to increase and control the quality of its wines:

Thermovinification with flash-release

Cold temperature regulation to improve fermentation control

Selective sorting at reception

Aging cellars in barrels

The Winery is a production unit whose modern technological equipment allows the production of 30,000 hl of wine. Saint-Marc Winery mainly vinifies red wines (60%), but also produces white wines (5%) and rosés (35%). With our expertise we make characteristic, refined wines that meet your expectations and desires.




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